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Donate To Empowering The Masses

nonprofit organization
Empowering the Masses was formed by Tammy Johnson in 2018 to address the needs in South Dallas areas with tailored programs to provide life skills, educational training services, and access to healthy food with our drive-up food pantry.  With more than 22 years of experience in education and the medical field, together Mrs. Johnson and the Empowering The Masses team are on a mission to change the trajectory of the lives of the individuals we serve through education and life skills training. ETM envisions self-sufficient individuals with self-worth and financial independence to improve their quality of life and life within their South Dallas community.


Programs include:

- Phlebotomy training and certification preparation

- CHW and certification preparation

- Life Skills training

- Short-term assistance through our Weekly Food Pantry to serve the food desert in these neighborhoods


To learn more about our mission, upcoming events or how to volunteer, visit


Empowering the Masses is a nonprofit organization formed for the purpose of empowering underserved individuals. By providing life skills and educational training services. This will help each individual achieve long-term financial independence and self-sufficiency in order to become productive in their families and community.


Our mission is to empower our South Dallas community by advancing determinants to success for citizens through resource disbursement, vocational training, core skills development, and advocacy promotion.


This year our goal is simple: Raise $20K to fuel our mission to educate, advocate and empower our communities.


Every dollar counts.



🙌 Every dollar donated provides three meals for families in need

🙌 Funds continued education programs such as #phebotomy certification #CHW training and business soft skills

🙌 Enable ETM to provide lunch and learns focused on SNAP benefits, financial literacy, and more

🙌 Source supplies for #giveback initiatives to support seniors, children, and other organizations in our community



Equity Statement





Education: We believe the foundation for advancing livelihood lies within an individual's possession of acquired knowledge. We aim to indoctrinate our audience with tools, insight, and opportunities to promote continued education.



Advocacy: We trust that an individual advances capacity once they begin to champion on behalf of their wellbeing. We rally this initiative in quest to create engaged communities.


Empowerment: Empowerment can only be achieved if sustainability and vitality coexist. We commit to furnishing our audience while posturing them for engagement to promote The Empowerment Models

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