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Community Health Worker Training

Community Health Worker Training

Community Health Worker Training Program

The Empowering the Masses Community Health Worker Training (CHW) Programs are a Texas  Department of State Health Services (DSHS) approved CHW Training Site for both CHW 160- hour training and CEU training for CHWs and CHWIs.  

Community health workers are an emerging workforce in health care settings, providing  outreach, health education, care coordination and advocacy for underserved communities.  

Community Health Worker is a term to describe front-line public health workers who may go by  titles such as outreach worker, care guide, community health advisor, peer educator, promotor  or community health representative. 

What does a Community Health Worker Do?

CHWs improve individual and community health and access to care. They forge connections  where people live, learn, work, play, pray, and age, from the inner city to rural communities. 

Core CHW Roles 

CHWs work in 10 roles and across 11 competencies to provide wraparound services and  supports to our communities: 

1. Cultural Mediation Among Individuals, Communities, and Health and Social Service Systems

2. Providing Culturally Appropriate Health Education and Information

3. Care Coordination, Case Management, and System Navigation 

4. Providing Coaching and Social Support 

5. Advocating for Individuals and Communities 

6. Building Individual and Community Capacity

7. Providing Direct Service 

8. Implementing Individual and Community Assessments 

9. Conducting Outreach 

10. Participating in Evaluation and Research 

Community Health Worker Training

CHW’s are trained to make household visits in their community and identify early symptoms of  diseases. At these household visits, CHWs are trained to provide health education on how to  prevent disease as well as to identify any troubling symptoms.  

CHWs are also trained to provide referrals to nearby clinics and health facilities for treatment,  and to report the disease cases. 

Community health workers have a deep understanding of local issues and resources; they often  speak the language of the communities they serve and have a deep understanding of their culture.  They are an increasingly key component of their communities health care team.

Community Health Worker Training

CHWs help to address the root of the issues that members of underserved communities face  while also helping to free up valuable time of the clinical care team. CHWs can assist with issues  that keep members of communities who suffer from huge Health inequities from addressing their  health. They are perfectly positioned to address the Social Determinants of Health.

Community Health Worker Training

As trusted resources in their communities, CHWs can be instrumental in combatting  misinformation, relaying public health messages, and ensuring community members are  connected to services.

Community Health Worker Training

By addressing the immediate, urgent needs, members of our communities. Individuals are better  able to focus and address their own personal healthcare issues and in turn educate their families. We strongly belief this will help to close the gap between communities as well as bridge the gap of health inequities of our underserved communities.

Community Health Worker Training

Now Accepting Applications for Our Next Class

The Community Health Worker (CHW) Certification will emphasize on the integration of  the Community Health Worker in the community setting. The program will include hands on practice (experiential learning), group activities, demonstrations, role-playing, case  studies, and simulations. Learner will have lots of opportunities for questions and answers  and dialogue - not just with facilitators and instructors, but with their peers.

The CHW training consist of 160 hours of instructions with 20 hours in the each of the following competency areas:

Communication Skills 

Interpersonal Skills 

 Service Coordination Skills 

Capacity-Building Skills 

Advocacy Skills 

Teaching Skills 

Organization Skills 

Knowledge-based Skills

CHW Competencies 

Core CHW Skills 

CHW Competencies:

1.Interpersonal and Relationship-Building Skills 

2.Service Coordination and Navigation Skills 

3.Capacity Building Skills 

4.Advocacy Skills 

5.Education and Facilitation Skills 

6.Individual and Community Assessment Skills 

7.Outreach Skills 

8.Professional Skills and Conduct 

9.Evaluation and Research Skills 

10.Knowledge Base

Participants can expect to graduate from the program earning a: 

1. Community Health Worker Certification with a focus on Community Education

2. CPR Certificate 

3. Mental Health First Aid Certificate

CHW Continuing Education- CEU’s: 

Continuing Education is offered through Empowering the Masses a Texas Department of  State of Health Services approved provider of Continuing Education. For Current  CHWs and CHWIs.

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