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Meet the Board Members

Tammy Johnson

Executive Director & Founder

Tammy Johnson

CHW instructor, and a medical professional with more than 20 years of experience with working with communities largely affected by Health Inequity.

Michelle Williams RN, MSN


School Grand Prairie ISD

Bradley Tucker

Bradley Tucker MBA

At Large- Advisory


Leonard Johnson MBA

Director of Education​​

Darrel Coleman

Daryl Coleman ESQ

Education Outreach


Lana Range

Community Outreach

AnitaMarina2015 photo.jpeg

Anita Marina B.S.

Board Chair

Meet the Team


Kelly Yee

Research Specialist / Data Management

Every Saturday, "pantry day," I look forward to greeting and serving the familiar and the new faces of our neighbors from all over Greater Dallas. As a VISTA research specialist, I produce data reports on our organization's effectiveness and provide a foundation for new partnerships to better serve our community. My goal on an interpersonal level is to honor our neighbors while improving our resources and referrals so they can boost their own family's health and nutrition status. I LOVE this work.


Ayumi Tamaru

Case Management Aide

ETM is helping not only the community. They care about the staff and their families also. I love how they welcome my family when we go to the food pantry volunteer, events, and any activities. Especially for children who learn through a volunteer experience at an early age. Every time I attend the ETM graduation, I see they are growing and more people are joining. I'm excited to see how much more they grow and see the smiles in the community. I enjoy being part of this organization to help with these processes.

154 (3).jpg

Lennox Cooper

Pantry Coordinator

As the Food Pantry Coordinator Mr. Cooper helps oversee the daily operations of the food pantry, including but not limited to, restocking of food pantry items, organizing, scheduling, and receiving pick-ups and deliveries, quality control, and collaborating with a team of food pantry volunteers.


Erica Scott

Student Success Coach/ Student Resource Coordinator

My favorite thing about ETM is our unity. We all have a helper's heart and a servant's spirit. I receive joy in witnessing graduated students fulfill their dreams of career advancement, just by taking that first step to apply. 

Liv Stribling Robison.jpg

Olivia Stribling

Digital Marketing Specialist

I love to serve with Empowering The Masses because it allows me to use my gifts to help further the vision and work alongside the team to spread awareness of the amazing things ETM is doing to love on our neighbors and create a real impact that empowers our community.


Walter Isler

Pantry Coordinator

I serve at ETM because I enjoy helping people who are in need. I like helping to serve the community.

Jasmine Haynes.jpeg

Jasmine Haynes

Program Coordinator

I love serving with Empowering the Masses because I have witnessed the organization's impact on the community. One of my most memorable moments was reaching out to former students and one student telling her testimony of how the training programs positively impacted her life. She was almost in tears sharing her experience of how the program allowed her to earn a livable wage and be more present for her daughter. The impact makes what I do worth it.

Malika Francis.jpg

Malika Francis

Program Coordinator

I love serving with Empowering The Masses because I am able to align my skills with my values, helping to make an impact on causes that resonate with my heart. One of my favorite things about ETM is being able to work alongside like-minded individuals who are driven by a shared passion for making the world a better place.

LaKeisha Johnson.jpeg

Lakeisha Johnson

Pantry Manager & Volunteer Coordinator

I serve at ETM because this organization is helping to change lives! I am excited to be apart of such a diverse and amazing non- profit that is aiding to end hunger. My favorite thing about ETM is connecting with our neighbors, hearing their stories and the difference we make in their lives. Serving here always puts me in a state of gratitude and a mindset of hope for the future. My favorite memory was being at the grand opening of the Community Market; The commitment of excellence to the people we serve is astounding. I’m humbled to be apart of this ever-growing organization!

Giovanni Gonzalez.jpg

Giovanni Gonzalez

Pantry Coordinator

I am currently serving at Empowering The Masses with the purpose of assisting those who are in need during these challenging times. By utilizing my skills and abilities, I am able to bring about a meaningful change in people's lives, even if it may appear small.

Rosa Banda.jpg

Rosa Banda

Pantry/Inventory Manager

I am very excited to serve in this non-profit organization and take charge of providing the best products and variety necessary to feed our neighbors. My favorite thing about being part of this organization is that we are not just a team, but a family that supports each other.

Donald Johnson.jpeg

Donald Johnson

Case Management Aide

What sparks joy for me would have to be all the different people I get to meet, whether that be a neighbor, volunteer, or ETM member. I really appreciate being able to gather wisdom and knowledge from each of those individuals and seeing how I can be a better neighbor myself. 

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