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Pre-Register for Vaccine

We will be partnering with Baylor Scott and white to administer the vaccine. For Everyone ages 12 and up.


June 5th  from 8 - 11 AM

3314 Detonte St. Dallas, TX 75223 


Please visit the Food Pantry to Pre-Register or click on the link to Pre-Register.


Food Pantry

Through our partnership with Sharing Life Community Outreach we are able to distribute food to those individuals and families who are in need Every Saturday of the month.  Please contact us for further information if you are in need of assistance or if you would like to volunteer. 

If you are interested in volunteering at the our Food Pantry, please complete Application form


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Did you know?


Empowering the Masses has partnered with the Dolphin Heights Community Garden


Empowering the Masses has partnered with the Dolphin Heights Community Garden in an effort to transform the health and well-being of under-resourced communities in South East Dallas by providing fresh, healthy, affordable food options and by educating and empowering future generations to take better care of themselves, their environments, and their communities.



Located in a federally recognized food desert, the Dolphin Heights Community Garden has produced and provided to the families in the community and the seniors who live alone access to organic produce since its inception in March 2005, and no less than 10% of the produce has been donated the Empowering the Masses Food Pantry. This symbolizes Miss Hills dedication to individuals and organizations fighting to end food insecurity and injustice in South East Dallas.


In addition to providing fresh, healthy, affordable food options for its surrounding residents, the Dolphin Heights Community Garden strives to improve communities throughout the metroplex by providing hands-on educational experiences for youth and adults alike to promote healthy eating, improved food access, and environmental stewardship.


Under the guidance of Miss Anna Hill (The Mayor of Dolphin Heights), the Garden is operated and maintained by Miss Hill as well as volunteers from the Community, who actively engage in all garden activities. Miss Hills goal is for the Dolphin heights community garden to serve as a model of socially and environmentally driven servant leadership.



Dolphin Heights Garden Feeds Neighborhood, Helps Food Pantry – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth